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As much as there is a lot of chilling, surfing and having fun, we also try to take good care of our planet. After a few years of studying the property and meeting local environmentalists we have been able to turn this sanctuary into an ecological paradise. 

We are a zero water waste hostel. This means that all the water from the showers, sinks and washing machine are being filtered and treated with bio-microorganisms. Once the water is clean it is being sent out into the garden to keep the green season going all year round.

Nowadays people don't tend to think about what they put down the sink and on their clothes. Don't worry, we'll do it for you! Here we provide eco soaps, shampoos and use bio detergents.

Composting is essential if we're going to maintain our vigorous garden and dispose of waste properly. 

We provide filtered water to reduce the use of plastic bottles and we now have many eco-products sold in our hostel shop.

Naturalized A/C is the way of the future! By having a very open building plan it allows our mother tree to breathe,

Oel ngati kameie.

Everyone likes bananas but monkeys like them more! There are many fruit trees on our property which provides a lot of food for us and our monkey friends. We give them a share of the profits, fiddy/fiddy.

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